• Instead of contemplating the sea from the shore line, why not admire the shore line from the sea?
  • Along the route you will see the sheer cliffs and bays of Campomanes, Altea, Albir, Sierra Helada & Benidorm.
  • Discover the fantastic marine life in the waters surrounding the Peñon de Ifach.
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Created by an enormous landslide from the nearby Sierra de Olta Mountain, the Peñon de Ifach is the undisputable symbol of the Costa Blanca and the Valencian Community and one of the smallest and most beautiful Nature Parks in Spain.

“Ifach” means North in the Libyan Phoenician language and its formation is similar to that of the Rock of Gibraltar although the latter is taller, wider and much longer.

Reaching a height of 332 meters, this huge limestone rock was used by mariners as a reference point on their travels. Today tourists discover its beauty, climbing to its peak, scuba diving in the crystal clear waters at its base or relaxing on one of the white sandy beaches.calpe2

In the water surrounding its rocky base, Mediterranean coral grows protected on its walls while various species of fish meander through the water: bream, bass, eels and grouper.

The reef is made up of animal and plant species and its shape and colour make it extremely beautiful. The meadows of Posidonia Oceanica, commonly known as Neptune Grass help to maintain the existence of a wide variety of plant and animal species in this natural environment.

The Nature Park only covers 45 hectares and contains the vertical promontory, the vertical walls and the waters surrounding the base of the Peñon. There is a rich variety of flora with more than 300 different species and approximately 80 different species of birds that nest in the vertical walls, notably the Eleonora’s Falcon, the Peregrine Falcon, the European Shag and the Gannet amongst others. Reptiles can also be found on the Peñon such as the the ocellated lizard and the Iberian wall lizard.

It is possible to climb to the summit which takes approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours to complete. It should be noted that the route gets difficult after you pass through the tunnel excavated into the rock so extra care should be taken. An Information Centre located on the Peñon, informs all visitors about this small Nature Park as well all the flora & fauna of the area.   Once at the summit there are some spectacular views of Benidorm, the Montgo Mountain, which divides Javea and Denia and fantastic views of Calpe itself.

There is a legend connected to the Peñon which relates the story of a colony of mermaids that inhabited the waters helping fishermen to free their nets when they became entangles on the rocks and guiding schools of fish into their nets. One day an “evil” Genie arrived disrupting the peaceful environment of the mermaids. Terrified, they asked King Neptune for help and he sent a “good” Genie to their aid. The wicked genie attempted to flee to land but was petrified under the rock and the mermaids’ idyllic life returned to normal.

In front of the Peñon you can find the salt lake, where they used to make salt used to preserve fish and other food produce. Today these humid areas attract migrating birds such as Flamingos, Pelicans and Storks, to feed and rest before continuing on their route.

Close to the Bou Beach and the Promenade are some archaeological remains of a Roman Fish Salting Factory and fish farm where they also produced Garum.

Garum was a very popular flavouring ingredient although it was expensive and considered a luxury item it was produced all over southern Spain. Made from oily bluefish, such as tuna, sardines, mackerel and herrings as well as fish entrails, Garum fish sauce was used to enhance the flavour of many dishes.Calpe

To obtain this precious sauce, fish and aromatic herbs were stored in brine and fermented in the sun. This mixture was moved daily until it liquidised, then filtered and the liquid obtained was called Liquamen. The salt and high temperature of the marinade produced this sterilized fish sauce used to make tasty dishes.

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